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Pancreatic cancer biomarkers could lead to test for disease in people with diabetes

Posted by: Research 14 September 2016

Today at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting in Germany, an exciting piece of research on pancreatic cancer biomarkers was presented which could lead to a test for pancreatic cancer in people with new onset diabetes.

Leanne Reynolds, Head of Research at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “This interesting study points towards a trio of pancreatic cancer biomarkers which could lead to a screening test for the disease in people with new onset diabetes, meaning this group could be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier in the future. Researchers looked at the combination of biomarkers, and were able to detect 95 per cent of patients with pancreatic cancer. This is an exciting development, but we need more research to refine the test before we know if this could be used as a screening tool.

“With just five per cent of people with pancreatic cancer currently living for five years or more after their diagnosis, it is vital we explore every promising avenue which may lead us to a new screening test, so patients can be diagnosed earlier and have the chance of spending longer with their families.”