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New petition calling for fair access to life-extending treatments

Posted by: Comms 21 March 2017

We have launched our Every month matters petition calling for a reform on the appraisal process for pancreatic cancer treatments.

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Most people affected by pancreatic cancer are diagnosed when the cancer is at an advanced stage, meaning they live on average just two to six months after diagnosis [1].

We believe that people with pancreatic cancer should have the freedom to choose life-extending treatments that can give them precious extra time to spend with their loved ones.

We want the bodies responsible for approving life-extending treatments on the NHS to take into account the huge value of extra time for people with just a few months left to live. These bodies need to consider that when people are diagnosed with a tough disease like pancreatic cancer, with such poor survival prospects, a treatment that could offer an extra two months is incredibly significant for them.

In order to make the right decisions about treatment options for people with pancreatic cancer, we are calling for the responsible bodies to see time from the point of view of those affected. Only then can the rights of people with pancreatic cancer be fairly considered.

We will be sharing this petition to demonstrate the breadth and strength of concern felt by those affected by pancreatic cancer and the wider public.

Please sign our petition today, because for people with pancreatic cancer and their loved ones, every month matters.