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We comment on NHS England's new ‘one stop shops’ aiming to speed up cancer diagnosis

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 3 April 2018

Commenting on the news today (Tuesday, 3rd April 2018) that ten new ‘one-stop shops’ will be piloted in England aiming to achieve earlier diagnosis for people with suspected cancer with vague symptoms, Anna Jewell, Director of Operations at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“Action to vastly improve the number of people diagnosed earlier with cancers like pancreatic cancer, which are hard to detect, is urgently needed. These centres are great news as a significant first step towards speeding up diagnosis. Currently less than seven per cent of people with pancreatic cancer will live for five years or more, due in large part to the fact that 80 per cent of patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when the one potentially life-saving treatment of surgery is not an option.

“People with pancreatic cancer will often have vague symptoms including unexplained weight loss and tummy pain, and as a result all too often they have to go through tests for other diseases or other forms of cancer before tests for pancreatic cancer. Not only does this delay diagnosis but in turn, vital treatment too. We hope that these centres will enable more people with pancreatic cancer to be diagnosed early enough to be eligible for potentially life-saving surgery, or for other treatments which could allow them to live for longer. If successful, these centres must be rolled out across the UK.”