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New PhD Studentship created to take on pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Research 4 October 2018

A new PhD studentship opportunity has been created which will increase the amount of research dedicated to taking on pancreatic cancer, thanks to an exciting new partnership between our charity and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The NIHR is a leading funder of patient-focussed research and we are delighted to have been chosen as one of seven charity partners for co-funding PhD studentships, or clinical fellows, through its new fellowship scheme.

Once appointed, the new student will be focussed on improving patient outcomes and quality of life by actively addressing areas of need identified in the NICE Guidelines, such as nutrition and cachexia. Pancreatic Cancer UK and the NIHR will jointly fund the post for three years; investment in similar previous fellowships has reached up to £400,000.

Leanne Reynolds, Head of Research for Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “The research community that works tirelessly in the field of pancreatic cancer has been growing in size and in confidence as we are starting to see potential breakthroughs on the horizon. The community is now a growing force determined to deliver the changes needed to transform the future for all those affected by this devastating disease. We’re delighted to be building on that momentum by partnering with the NIHR.

“This new scheme will help us enlist the next generation of talented researchers to take on pancreatic cancer, and ring-fence vital research funding which might otherwise have been spent in other areas.  Too little progress has been made in the last 45 years because of underfunding, but this partnership is another positive step towards our aim of seeing at least £25M invested in pancreatic cancer research every year by 2022.” 

The application period runs from 2 October to 18 December for the NIHR-Pancreatic Cancer UK Doctoral Fellowships.  

Researchers can find further information about the jointly funded fellowships on the National Institute for Health Research website.