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We comment on new research from Lund University into blood tests which detect pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Research 21 September 2018

Leanne Reynolds, Head of Research at the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“These findings are really exciting and are the result of a huge international effort to speed up the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, something which has been desperately needed for 40 years. Further studies are required before this test can be available to patients but if research in this area continues to show promise the long-term impact could be transformational for many people affected by pancreatic cancer.

“Currently less than seven per cent of people with pancreatic cancer will live for five years or more. The vague symptoms of disease, which can include unexplained weight loss and tummy pain, mean people with pancreatic cancer have to go through tests for other diseases or other forms of cancer. Tragically the majority of patients are diagnosed at a late stage, when the one potentially life-saving treatment, surgery, is not an option.”