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Pancreatic Cancer UK respond to new research suggesting rise in obesity-related cancers in young people

Posted by: Research 4 February 2019

A new study, based on data covering more than have of the US population, suggests that incidences of obesity-related cancers are increasing most rapidly in young adults. The findings were published in The Lancet Public Health journal on World Cancer Day (4th February).

In response to the results Chris Macdonald, Head of Research at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“We desperately need to improve the appalling survival statistics for pancreatic cancer, so it’s extremely encouraging to see a rigorous, large-scale analysis of existing cancer registry data to provide more insight into the issue. These findings give more weight to the growing body of evidence that our lifestyle choices, especially early in life, have a huge impact on our future health and well-being. The study reveals some striking findings and offers a compelling theory that the recent increase in obesity in the population drives the disproportionate increase in risk of pancreatic cancer in young adults. The research community is now tasked with the challenge of testing this theory and exploring other contributing factors. 

“In the UK, one in four people with pancreatic cancer die within a month of diagnosis. It is incredibly troubling to see the number of cases of the quickest killing cancer growing.  We urgently need more research to understanding the risk factors of the disease, as well as development of more effective treatments.”