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Pancreatic Cancer UK comments on the new NHS long term plan

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 6 January 2019

In response to the new NHS long-term plan Anna Jewell, Director of Operations for Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“Faster diagnosis is pivotal in the UK’s fight against cancer so a renewed focus from Government on achieving this is very welcome, but we are disappointed about the lack of more specific plans for less survivable cancers like pancreatic cancer. One in four people with this devastating disease die within a month of diagnosis, making it the deadliest common cancer.

“In the roll out of the plan we want to see a specific target for increasing the numbers diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at an early stage to ensure resources will not be focused only on making improvements in cancers with a better prognosis. We need to ensure that NHS England prioritises pancreatic cancer in the roll out of rapid diagnostic clinics and timed diagnostic pathways so we can achieve the improvements in survival that have been so badly needed for over 40 years. Currently less than seven per cent of people with pancreatic cancer live for five years. That appalling statistic cannot be allowed to stand unchanged for another decade.”

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