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Pancreatic Cancer UK respond to new research using 3D imaging technique to understand how pancreatic cancer tumours develop

Posted by: Research 31 January 2019

The Francis Crick Institute published its results of research in the scientific journal, Nature, providing vital new understanding of how pancreatic cancer tumours develop. Researchers used a new 3-D imaging technique to study tissue samples, revealing that pancreatic cancer tumours develop in two distinct ways and opening up multiple new avenues in the search for improvements in diagnosis and treatment. 

In response to the results Chris Macdonald, Head of Research at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

"For too long we have been unable to understand even the basic way pancreatic cancer tumours develop and grow. This study is one of those rare moments where multiple avenues of new investigation are opened. Through collaboration between researchers with different specialisms, in an environment with cutting-edge facilities and equipment, difference in tumour growth have been identified that are dependent on the physical structures that they begin in.

"Many questions remain to be answered about why tumours develop differently; whether one form is more aggressive than another; and if their growth can be predicted, reduced or even reversed. Further research is needed before we can provide the answers but one thing is clear: the opportunities presented by using this innovative technique could be instrumental in delivering the breakthroughs in diagnosis and more effective treatments that are desperately needed to improve survival for pancreatic cancer.”