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We comment on new research into the protein, CA19-9, and pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Research 27 June 2019

Interesting new research published in Science (on 21 June) shows that the protein, CA19-9 is involved in the development of pancreatic cancer.

In response to the new research Chris Macdonald, Head of Research at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“This is a fascinating piece of research that casts the relationship between the protein CA19-9 and pancreatic cancer in a very different light. Previously, CA19-9 levels in the blood have been used to track disease progression but this method has never been accurate enough to be used as a diagnostic tool for pancreatic cancer. In trying to improve this accuracy, researchers actually found that CA19-9 may be more than just a marker for disease and may play an active role in driving pancreatitis and, in certain circumstances, also pancreatic cancer. The fact that CA19-9 blocker already exists, presents a very tangible new approach to therapy   

“Currently, treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer are extremely limited and five-year-survival is appallingly low. In order to discover new diagnostic methods and develop more effective treatment we need to invest in more studies like this which explore the fundamental mechanics of this deadly disease.”