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Pancreatic Cancer UK urges next Government to adopt our manifesto for transforming survival

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 30 October 2019

Pancreatic Cancer UK today calls on the next UK Government to commit to a dedicated action plan to transform survival for the first time in 50 years, a manifesto for change at the heart of our Demand Survival Now Campaign.

Successive governments from parties across the political spectrum have failed to prioritise pancreatic cancer, contributing to a lack of progress in survival, which remains appallingly low. Tragically, 93% of patients die within five years of diagnosis, making pancreatic cancer eight times deadlier than other common cancers such as prostate, breast or bowel cancer.

Today we urge future parliamentarians to adopt the three commitments set out in our manifesto for pancreatic cancer, which are focussed on substantially improving research investment, the speed and quality of care received by patients, and public awareness of the disease.

Specifically we want to see the next Government take the following steps to give everyone diagnosed a fair chance of survival:

  • Invest £25 million in pancreatic cancer research every year to save lives from the deadliest common cancer. 
  • Deliver better, faster care for everyone across the UK so people are diagnosed in time for life-saving treatment.
  • Open the public’s eyes to the symptoms of pancreatic cancer with a dedicated awareness campaign.

These commitments are central to our Demand Survival Now campaign and thousands of our passionate supporters have already given their backing by signing our petition.

Diana Jupp, Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “The UK’s response to the deadliest common cancer has been wholly inadequate. For decades political parties of all colours have squandered the opportunity to sufficiently invest in cutting-edge research, open the public’s eyes to the symptoms, or make the changes needed to ensure all patients are treated fast enough to have a fair chance of survival. The huge strides that have been made in improving survival for other cancers are proof that we can do so much more for people with pancreatic cancer in the UK. I urge the next Government to seize the moment, adopt our manifesto and transform survival for this devastating disease.”