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Our work is only possible because of you

Posted by: Comms 4 August 2020

Why we do what we do

It’s disgraceful that pancreatic cancer is so far behind other cancers. Survival rates have improved enormously for most cancers. But sadly, for pancreatic cancer, this is not the case.

That’s why we’re here – and why we need to continue to be here for people affected by pancreatic cancer so that we can support them now and transform the future. There is hope.

Your impact in numbers – what your support has meant in 2019/20

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Driving research breakthroughs

Research into pancreatic cancer has been underfunded for decades – it only receives 2% of the UK cancer research budget. This costs lives. By funding research into earlier diagnosis and better treatments, we’re changing that. We also bring pancreatic cancer researchers together to learn from each other and maximise their impact.

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Supporting people with pancreatic cancer

We’re here for people affected by pancreatic cancer. In 2019/20, we helped more people than ever with practical information and emotional support.  We also worked with health professionals to improve treatment and care for people with pancreatic cancer.

This year, more than ever, people with pancreatic cancer have needed our support. The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for everyone – but especially for people facing pancreatic cancer. Our nurses have been a lifeline for many, and we’ve adapted our online information so people have had the tailored support they need.

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A force for change

With your help, we turn up the volume on the voices of people affected by pancreatic cancer. Together, we’re a force for change – urging people in power to improve policy and practice to save lives.

Your incredible support for our campaigns this year – Unite-Diagnose-SaveLives and Demand Survival Now – created a movement that politicians and decision-makers could not ignore. We’re continuing to push for change because, during the coronavirus pandemic, people affected by pancreatic cancer need us to fight for their rights now more than ever.

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The power of supporters

We can only do what we do because of incredible supporters up and down the UK - like you.

So many of you contribute your time and money to help tackle pancreatic cancer. Whether it’s taking on a fundraising challenge, making a donation in memory of someone you’ve lost, raising awareness or sharing your personal experience – you’ve all played an important part in our achievements.

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Thank you so much.