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London Marathon 2018 Training Plans

Welcome to the Virgin Money London Marathon Pancreatic Cancer UK 2018 team!

On this page you will find all the information you need for your marathon training. The Pancreatic Cancer UK Fitness Coach, Phil Roberton, has produced training plans for both beginners and intermediate; including a calorie gauging monitoring spreadsheets for all. These key files are here to support you from the sofa to the finishing line! There is also a link to incredible nutrition tutorials that Phil’s team have produced! The content is quite in-depth, so make yourself a cuppa and start to digest them.

Have a look at the downloads below, embrace this journey, and support one another on our Facebook group!

Always remember that Phil is available for questions at phil@fitness-aspirations.com , so don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Happy running and enjoy the tools that are available to you!

Download the London Marathon Beginner Training Plan

Download the London Marathon Intermediate Training Plan

Download the PRE-FORMANCE Calorie Gauging (Female)

Download the PRE-FORMANCE Calorie Gauging (Male)

PreFormance: Tutorial Video for Gauging Calorie intake (9.08)

PreFormance: Tutorial video for using MyFitnessPal (12.01)

The password for the following videos is: PreFormance2017

PreFormance Video 1: Energy Balance and How to Find Maintenance Calories (7.55)

PreFormance Video 2: How to Set a Calorie Deficit to Lose Fat Mass Whilst Maintaining Exercise Performance (6.50)

PreFormance Video 3: Gauging Scale Weight as a Key Metric for Progress (7.23)

PreFormance Video 4: Protein Fundamentals and How to Set Your Intake Requirements (3.49)

PreFormance Video 5: Dietary Fat Fundamentals and How to Set your Intake Requirements (6.03)

PreFormance Video 6: Dietary Carb Primer, Important Take Homes and Where to Set your Requirements (6.03)

PreFormance Video 7: The Importance of Carbohydrates for Endurance Performance (5.27)

PreFormance Video 8: Nutrient Timing for Endurance Performance (14.32)

PreFormance Video 9: Myth Busting (8.46)

PreFormance Video 10: Gastro-Intestinal Recommendations (4.09)

PreFormance Video 11: Post Workout Nutrition Consideration (3.49)

PreFormance Video 12: Amounts, Type and Timing for Intra Race Carb Intake (4.02)

PreFormance Video 13: Carb-Loading Recommendations (3.18)

PreFormance Video 14: Making Calorie Adjustments for Further Weight-loss (8.11)

PreFormance Video 15: Race-Day Breakfast Nutrition (6.59)

PreFormance Video 16: Hydration (6.11) 

PreFormance Video 17: A Guide to Successful long-term Weight-loss Maintenance (14.55)

PreFormance Video 18: Simple Marathon Check List (2.04)

PreFormance Video 19: Finding Maintenance Calories (12.02)

PreFormance Video 20: Sleep Guide (12.03)

PreFormance Video 21: Myth Busting ‘Detox Diets’ and ‘Clean Eating’ (12.46)