You may get a call from us

From 14th February - 30th April we might be calling you about joining our Weekly Lottery.  

3 February 2022

Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

We know how brilliant our supporters are and how they’re always looking for the next thing to get involved with.

That’s why we’re calling supporters to see if you’d like to join our Weekly Lottery for £1 a week.

We’re working with our partners PFS to carry out the calls. We will be calling from these numbers: 0151 2030411 and 0124 4987122 

Why are you calling?

We’re calling special supporters like you to see if you’d like to join our Weekly Lottery. Giving through the lottery is an easy way to support us on a regular basis. It means you’ll help fund our Support Line and our vital research. Together, we can transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

Why are you using a telephone agency?

We’re unable to make these calls ourselves so we’re working with a professional telephone fundraising agency to do this on our behalf. We work closely with them, and they are passionate and professional fundraisers who are committed to supporting us. All of the money raised on the phone goes to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Why do you collect bank details?

We collect bank details for a direct debit so you can donate on a regular basis without lifting a finger. These details can only be used to pay money into your account, or to set up a direct debit, which can only be done by authorised organisations.

If you set up a direct debit with us, you will receive written confirmation and a copy of the direct debit guarantee.

What if I don't want to be called?

If you don’t want to be called please let our supporter care team know. You can email them on or call them on 020 3535 7090