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3-3-3(000): making the most of Christmas

Posted by: Fundraising 22 December 2011

You may remember the first blog post from our fundraiser Ruth Walters, who's planning on running 3 marathons in 3 months to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. We'll be featuring regular blog posts from Ruth, both to inspire all you runners, walkers and fundraising athletes out there for and for everyone who wants to follow her journey on what is, we all think, a bit of an epic mission.

With the indulgent festive season coming up, Ruth has a few words of wisdom for us on how to make the most of it pre-2012 training:

   Happy holidays - be sure to make the most of them!

Ruth Walters

"It's been a busy month since my first post. I'm now a very happily married woman and am looking forward to a long holiday with family and friends before the training regime kicks off in earnest in the New Year.

I remember last year's training for the Paris Marathon so vividly. Once it got underway there really was no going back. I definitely wish I'd made more of last year's holiday season. So, I thought I'd share some top tips on making the most of the holiday and leaving yourself in tip top condition ready for all the dedication and commitment that will be required from us all come January.

  1. Keep the engine running over - find the balance between keeping up some training without going too hard at it. The team at My Momentum have packed me off for the holiday with an awesome body weight programme of short, sharp power workouts that can be done each day. Nothing too time consuming but a great way to keep fitness levels up and spend less time in front of rubbish TV with a mince pie!
  2. On the subject of mince pies... treat yourself - but again, it's all about balance. Don't start your morning with a breakfast of chocolate money (I must confess to having been guilty of this on past Christmases...) but allow yourself a little bit of the naughty things you really like. Once the training gets under way, angelic nutrition is absolutely vital and makes such a difference to your training and then race day performance.
  3. Spend as much time as possible with friends and family - tell them all about your marathon challenge and training ahead and they will all be right behind you. One of the hardest things about marathon training is how much of a back seat your social life needs to take. Enjoy dinners, coffees and lots of socialising together - then think about how your family can become more involved in your training and maybe even join you on some of your runs.
  4. Tis the season of goodwill and all that so always have your sponsorship begging bowl at the ready. Can you earn some extra money from offering to peel the sprouts? Taking the tree down for an older relative? Using the holiday for fundraising planning is also well worth doing. It always helps to have a plan in place to help you reach your target and think about how you'll get others involved along the way.
  5. Sleep, sleep, sleep - it's the answer to everything. Get as many hours of shut eye as you can. Sleep repairs your muscles and restores body and mind. Cat naps are all the rage and early nights are hugely underrated.

Have a fantastic holiday everyone. I can't wait to share tales of training when the real hard graft begins in the New Year."