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3-3-3(000) or Ruth's Running Challenge

Posted by: Fundraising 24 November 2011

We have some fabulously dedicated runners; steadily pushing one foot in front of the other they finish marathons, 10Ks, half marathons, Santa 5Ks and more... so when Ruth Walters told us she was planning to run a corking three marathons in three months to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK, we thought it would be a great idea to give her a regular column on our blog, charting her training, her ups, her downs and following her progress all the way to those three finish lines.

She's a pretty inspiring woman. So, if you're a runner for us, or interested in running to fundraise, read on and let Ruth's enthusiasm infect and inspire you...

Ruth 's Running Challenge

Ruth after crossing the finish line of the Paris Marathon in 2011

"On Saturday it arrived. My London Marathon 2012 training pack. Here begins my "3-3-3(000)" challenge for Pancreatic Cancer UK. That's 3 marathons in 3 months in a bid to raise £3,000. I'll be joining the crowds in London (April), Edinburgh (May) and Cheltenham (June), no doubt collecting many blisters along the way. But what's a blister that hurts a bit then soon enough heals, compared with the pain of Pancreatic Cancer patients? Totally insignificant! 

My Mum, Fi, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at the end of January 2011. This was one month into my training for my first ever marathon (Paris) that April. Running quickly became the most amazing coping mechanism for dealing with the shock of her diagnosis, gave me time on my own and a chance to reflect on things. Every mile of that first marathon was for her. 

I raised a fantastic amount of money for Cancer Research UK but this year I've upped the stakes in a bid to encourage folks to dig deep and give a major boost to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The training's not going to be pretty. It was brutal enough for one marathon, but three.... I was massively supported by StreTch Rayner, a kick ass trainer from My Momentum, who got me across the line of my first marathon. His 'training masterplan' for this challenge will start in earnest in the New Year. We're trying a different approach to traditional long, slow distance running and I'm going to be taking on a CrossFit Endurance programme. Basically running training combined with the inferno-like workouts of CrossFit, a new form of overall strength training.

What I learnt from my first marathon is you need people around you. I'm really excited to be joining a new, local gym in January and I will inevitably press gang everyone I know into the weekly North London Parkrun.

I'm excited and petrified all at once. I have no idea what's ahead but what I do know is I'm determined. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and raising heaps of awareness about pancreatic cancer along the way.