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Response to new Macmillan Cancer survival rates research

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 22 November 2011

You may have spotted in the news this morning new statistics from Macmillan Cancer research that show a dramatic increase in the survival rates of certain cancers.

Unfortunately what the stats also show is how woefully underfunded, and how little progress has been made, in survival rates for some of the worst cancers - including pancreatic.

In response to this news, Pancreatic Cancer UK's CEO Alex Ford has said the following:

"Macmillan's research provides further evidence of how badly people with pancreatic cancer fare compared to other cancer patients. Pancreatic Cancer UK fully supports Macmillan's call for greater investment in research and care for cancer patients - especially those affected by pancreatic cancer, which has the worst survival rates.    Median cancer survival rates for pancreatic cancer patients will only extend from months to years if there is a greater focus on how to diagnose and treat the disease more effectively, as identified in Pancreatic Cancer UK's Study for Survival."

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