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Pancreatic Cancer UK launches Campaign For Hope

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 7 September 2011

Pcam 2011

Welcome to our brand new blog, our brand new website and our brand new Campaign for Hope!

2011 has been an exciting time here at Pancreatic Cancer UK and it is only going to be even more so in the coming months. After completing the vital Study For Survival, a comprehensive review of pancreatic cancer in the UK taking into account the experiences of over 1000 people living and working with the disease, we're launching an ambitious new campaign.

The results of our study make for sombre reading. Pancreatic cancer patients are let down on almost every front. Less than 3% of people diagnosed will live more than 5 years. Less than 20% will live more than a year, and, most startling of all, these figures haven't changed in 40 years.

That's why our Campaign for Hope goal is to double the survival rates within the next five years. It's a bold but necessary goal and we're challenging everyone - you, journalists, medical experts, MPs - to join us in making it a reality and make a real difference to people diagnosed with this disease.

So, how can you get involved? There are plenty of things you can do, especially in November which is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month; every little helps, from writing to your MP, to taking on our Striding For Survival challenge. Click here to visit our website and find out how you can help us reach our goal.

If you would like to read our Study For Survival report to see what exactly we found out about pancreatic cancer in the UK, then click here.

If you want to get involved, and want to speak to one of our team, visit our website at www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/about-us to find our office contact details.

This is an exciting and inspiring time for Pancreatic Cancer UK. We look forward to joining forces with you to tackle the issues head-on and make Campaign For Hope a real success!

Alex Ford, CEO