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Collecting the spare change

Posted by: Fundraising 8 February 2012


Our fundraising team gets quite a few questions about running collections during events. Every little helps of course, so we wanted to give you a quick rundown of the ways we can help you organise a successful collection:

What we can provide:

There are three different ways you can collect money during your event or fundraising efforts:

  • Collecting Tins
  • In Home collection boxes
  • Gift Aid Envelopes

Each one has its own advantages and ways of using them:

In Home Collection boxes:

Fundraising Team

If you're putting on a coffee morning, hosting a gala, or simply have an empty spot on the shelf at home, then an In Home collection box is a great way to collect spare change. And even better, because they come flat it means they're less expensive for us as a charity to send to you - meaning more money to spend on doubling the survival rate!

What to do with the boxes:

When the box fills up, simply deposit the total and send Pancreatic Cancer UK a cheque for the amount. The boxes are easy to reseal and we keep track of who has them, so we can let you know how your fundraising is getting on! If you no longer need them, they can be easily recycled.

Collecting Tins:

A great way to help boost your fundraising total, we keep a large supply of collecting tins ready to be sent to our fundraisers. We'll also send you a charitable letter stating that you are fundraising on behalf of Pancreatic Cancer UK, which you can show to business owners or store manager when requesting the opportunity to take collection in or around their establishment.

                What to do with the collecting tin:

Each tin is assigned a special number so that we know who has it and when it was sent out. When you've filled up the collecting tin, break the seal, total the change inside and send a cheque to Pancreatic Cancer UK. Make sure to include a letter with your name, how the money was raised and if it was raised in memory of someone!

If you want to return the empty tin, please do, or alternatively if you'd like to continue collecting please email our fundraising team and request a new seal. Let them know the number of the bottom of the tin and your full name, and they'll post you a seal right away.

Gift Aid envelopes:

These are an ingenious way to collect donations and increase them by a further 25%! Each envelope is a self-contained Gift Aid form; just write your name and details on the envelope and send them to friends, family and co-workers to post directly back to the charity. Easy!

                 What to do with the envelopes:

  • Have your sponsors send the envelopes directly to us


  • Total the amount of cash donations, write a cheque for that amount and send it, along with any other cheques collected and the Gift Aid envelopes, to us at Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Our administrative team will sort out the Gift Aid and the fundraising team will send you a big thank you for the grand total!

* Remember! It's not a good idea to send cash in the post: please always send a cheque where possible.

If you need any of the above for an event you're organising, contact our fundraising team today on 02035357090 or email fundraiser@pancreaticcancer.org.uk