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Sophie's Jamtastic fundraiser

Posted by: Fundraising 27 July 2012

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a special fundraiser that we just had to tell you about on the blog: introducing 10 year old Sophie Campbell of Wiltshire, who made and sold her very own batch of jam to fundraise in memory of her Auntie Andrea.

Sophie did everything, from picking the strawberries to chossing the material for the top of the jar and making the jam itself. 

Sophies Jam

You can read all about the process in Sophie's own blog post or donate to her fundraising here.

We asked Sophie a few questions about her fantastic jam making scheme:

Why did you choose to make jam to raise money?
Because I thought it was a nice idea to help others.  I love cooking, and last year I made cakes with red noses on for Comic Relief, they sold out very quickly, so I thought jam might be just as popular.

What was your favourite part about the jam making? 
My favourite part of making the jam was picking the strawberries.

What was the hardest part about jam making?
The first time it didn't set!

What's your favourite flavour of jam?

Sophies Jam 2

Sophie has now sold out of jam and raised a whopping £390 so far! Congratulations Sophie, and thank you for your brilliant fundraising idea! If you're interested in fundraising for us and have a good idea but need some support, get in touch with our fundraising team: they'll be happy to help!