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Top Fundraising Websites

Posted by: Fundraising 19 July 2012

Top online sites to help your fundraising

In today's financial climate, it can often be difficult to ask friends and family to keep digging deep in those pockets and sponsor your run/add to your Just Giving page/buy those delicious cakes you baked.

Well. Probably not so much the last one...approximately 99.999% of people love cake, after all.

But, whether you're a seasoned fundraiser or just starting your donation-worthy tasks, we thought we'd put together this little list of fun and interesting websites we've seen and used lately that mean you can get a little creative with your giving:

1.Guess 2Give

Top Fundraising Websites 2

We know charitable giving is supposed to come from a selfless place, but what if you could donate to us AND have the chance to win a little something at the same time?  Brilliant! The concept is really simple:

- set up an online sweepstake for just about anything
- have your supporters pay £3 per go to guess the result
- 50p goes into the 'pot' to be won, with £2.50 going to us, the charity
- The guesser with the closest result wins!

When our Fundraising Officer Rob ran the London Marathon for us, he fundraised by getting people to guess his finish time and position in the race, but you could do any sort of sweepstake pot...such as guessing the amount of sweets in a jar, guessing the weight of something, or even, if you're holding an offline fundraiser and want to add an online element to it, guessing the total amount you'll fundraise on the day! Lots of possibilities with this one, and the winner walks away with a little something too. Winners all round!

2. Give A Car

Top Fundraising Websites 2 (1)

Okay, this one's a bit niche, but if you're thinking about selling your car, or have a vehicle that you were considering scrapping, let this organisation know and you can raise some money for us at the same time. They'll collect the car for you for free and then either sell it at auction or send it for scrap metal.

You don't have to give the full value of the sale to us - you could even donate half and keep the rest. As they say, every little helps.

3. Give As You Live

Give As You Live Logo

Do you shop online? Perhaps you get your groceries delivered each week, buy birthday presents online or maybe you've had your eye on something nice for a little while. If this sounds like you, you could be raising money for us almost every time you shop! Give As You Live are partnered with over 1,800 UK shops that, when you buy with them through GAYL online, will donate an average of 2.5% per transaction. You don't pay anything extra when you use this, so why not use your online shopping time to give a little bit to us when you treat yourself?

Here's the best page on the Give As You Live website for finding out more about what they do and how they donate.



At Pancreatic Cancer UK we know that pennies make pounds: Ploink makes it easy to donate those pennies to us! Using their adorable piggy banks, you can donate change to us online...a bit like an electronic version of one of our collection tins. It means you can add a little here and there when you have some spare change, and when the total reaches what you're happy to donate, send it our way!

This might be a good one if you're looking for a way to get younger children involved in giving: they can pop their pennies into a pig and enjoy watching the total grow over time.


PS: we'd just like to say, however you're fundraising for us, or if you're thinking of fundraising in the future, thank you very much!