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Health ministers challenged on pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 19 June 2012

Members of the Pancreatic Cancer UK-supported APPG are continuing to keep pancreatic cancer in the debate and at the forefront of health ministers' agendas.

Pancreatic cancer questions were put to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Health Anne Milton in the House of Commons last week by Nic Dakin MP, with a second question put to Health Minister Paul Burstow by Dr William McCrea (DUP MP):

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Nic Dakin (Scunthorpe) (Lab): What steps is the Department of Health taking to address the inequalities in regional health outcomes for pancreatic cancer?

Anne Milton: We are doing a number of things, and the most important is devolving responsibility for public health to local areas. It is clear that delivering improvements in diagnosis, outcomes and so on for people with pancreatic cancer relies on different actions in different areas. The important thing is to give local people the power and money to do what they know is right.

Dr William McCrea (South Antrim) (DUP): Pancreatic cancer is greatly feared by many of our constituents. What funds are going to be made available to assist in its research, and how will the Minister measure improvements in that field?

Paul Burstow: I am afraid that I did not entirely hear the hon. Gentleman's question, but it was about research, and the Government are certainly committed to substantial investment, working with partners to ensure that we have among the best research in the world so that we have access to treatments at the earliest opportunity.

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