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Promising new treatment studied for pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Research 1 May 2012

Following recent news reports about UK funded scientists discovering how a 'promising' class of medication might be suitable to treat some types of pancreatic cancer, Alex Ford commented: "These findings are very encouraging and gives us more insight into promising ways of treating pancreatic cancer.

Nab -Paclitaxel

"Pancreatic cancer receives only 1% of research funding for cancer in the UK, whilst causing 5% of the deaths and so studies like this are crucial in helping us achieve our long-term goal of doubling survival rates for pancreatic cancer patients in the UK within five years and helping to save the lives of up to 250 people each year."

Scientists from Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Research Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have shown, in human cancer cells and mice, that a gene called USP9x is switched off through chemical tags on the DNA's surface.

They believe the gene could be faulty in some pancreatic cancers, raising the prospect that existing drugs, which strip away these chemical tags, could be an effective way of treating some pancreatic cancers.

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