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A heartfelt 'thank you' to Kate Hardcastle

Posted by: Fundraising 23 November 2012

Here at Pancreatic Cancer UK, we know that our supporters are invaluable. You walk, you run, you sit in baths of baked beans, you wax hairy chests and you do all sorts of fun and inventive things to raise money and awareness.

Kate Hardcastle was a very special supporter of ours who, amongst many fundraising activities, with her dog Goldie and using only her bus pass, travelled the country in 2009 to tell radio stations nationwide about pancreatic cancer and her family's experiences.


Kate Hardcastle

Kate also walked the 97 miles from Morecambe to Saltburn in 2010, and the next year undertook another trek from Camforth to Whitehaven. Kate had pledged to raise £20,000 for us in memory of her mother Marguerite and her brother Terry, both of whom died from pancreatic cancer.

Sadly, after many years of tireless campaigning, Kate passed away in October 2011 from breast cancer, having raised a fantastic £14,000. But we recently learned that Kate had left us an additional gift in her will: a staggering donation of £92,000.

Kate's amazing generosity will help us as a charity reach our target of doubling survival rates and continuing to strive for a long and good life for everyone diagnosed with this disease. We wanted to thank Kate and her friends and family for all the hard work and fundraising they've undertaken over the years. We're incredibly grateful.

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