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Thank you for your support Wilko

Posted by: Comms 12 December 2013

Legendary guitarist and frontman Wilko Johnson recently joined forces with Suggs and Bo Bruce to lend his support to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on pancreatic cancer, at a reception to launch the group's Inquiry report.

Wilko is one of the founding influences of the British punk movement, known for his choppy guitar-playing style, and is a former member of Dr Feelgood and Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

We know that the many guests at the event, his fans and the patients we've spoken to, find him to be truly inspirational as he lives life to the full, despite a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

In an article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph recently, he said of his diagnosis, "It certainly makes you realise you are alive, it alters your whole perspective. I'm looking outside at the leaves and the sun, thinking 'this is pretty good'. Let's see how much I've got left of it."

He has spoken very publicly about his diagnosis and for that we are very grateful as generating dialogue about a disease that people quite frankly know so little about, helps us in our aim to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer.

Commenting on the event, Wilko says, "I was very happy to attend the APPG reception and to find out more about the recommendations they are putting forward. Clearly there is great deal to be done to improve the experience of pancreatic cancer patients in almost every respect, but it is important that we look to the future with hope and positivity, and that's why I'm supporting the work of Pancreatic Cancer UK."

We have been lucky enough to have Wilko's support previously this year, at an event in March hosted by Madness frontman, Suggs, and we're delighted that he will be joining us for 2014's event, along with Roger Daltrey - tickets are available online now. If you've not seen Wilko in action before, I suggest you take a lookhere.

Alex Ford, Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer UK

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