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Get Involved: Cliff's Story

Posted by: Supporter Involvement 30 January 2013

We have supporters from all walks of life here at Pancreatic Cancer UK: from patients and carers, to family, friends and all who simply want to help. Cliff Pettifor, a Voice who features in our brilliant new short film tells us why he got involved...

 Cliff's Story

Being lucky enough to be suitable for, and to recover well from Whipples surgery, I was eager to get back to my running routine as soon as possible.  Encouraged by Mr Ian Beckingham, my surgeon at Nottingham's QMC and a much better runner than me, I set myself an achievable target, to run to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK.  I reached my goal just eight months after surgery.  Since then, more running and other fund-raising events have helped to contribute around £2,500 for the cause.

Through my continuing association with Pancreatic Cancer UK as a 'Voice', I have done what I can to raise funds and to increase public awareness of pancreatic cancer, and had the opportunity to attend events ranging from cake-stalls to meetings at the Houses of Commons and Lords.  Through being a 'Voice', I can better appreciate my good fortune and to channel as much effort as I can to playing some part fighting this horrible disease.

If you want to Get Involved, there are plenty of things to do for Pancreatic Cancer UK! You'll find plenty of ideas, tips and inspiring information on our Get Involved section of the website.