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Get Involved with Pancreatic Cancer UK in 2013!

Posted by: Supporter Involvement 16 January 2013

Did you spot Debbie Radford, a Pancreatic Cancer UK voice, in our new video? We caught up with her to ask why she chose to get involved with the charity...

 Debbie Radford

"My husband Gary was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2011.  I knew nothing about the disease and immediately went onto the internet to research it.  I soon came across the PCUK website.  The website was an invaluable source of information and support in those early days and continued to be a constant source of reference during the 15 months that my husband battled the disease.  PCUK gave me the knowledge and strength to help my husband - I know that the awful journey we endured would have been much more difficult without their help.  I became a Voice/Supporter as a means of saying thank you.

Since Gary's death, PCUK has been a place where I have found understanding and friendship and continued support and I wanted to be able offer this to others who have been affected by the disease and, as such, am a regular contributor to the Discussion Forum.  I have also, with the help of friends, arranged events to raise funds for the charity - this is something that I will continue to do.  I am conscious that raising awareness about the disease is very important and have helped PCUK in distributing information packs to GP surgeries in my local area along with trying to encourage my local MP to take an interest.

Anyone who has been affected by this dreadful disease knows how destructive it can be and how awful the survival statistics are.  I don't think I was alone in being completely ignorant about it and I often wonder whether raising awareness would make a difference.  The louder our voice, the sooner we can make real progress - progress that will see pancreatic cancer being talked about as openly as breast cancer is now, progress that will see people being aware of symptoms to look out for and discuss with their GP the way that bowel cancer symptoms are now and progress in research that will improve treatments and ultimately improve survival rates.  If you feel as passionately as I do about helping make a change, then get involved, lend your support or raise your voice - we could really make a difference! :-)"

If you want to Get Involved in 2013, head to our website now to see how you can volunteer and make a difference!