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The I&S team explains: NanoKnife Technology

Posted by: Information & support 9 January 2013

In early December, the Information and Support team had a very interesting and exciting meeting with a representative from AngioDynamics. This company manufacturers the NanoKnife equipment, as well as other medical devices. We felt this was necessary due to the public interest in this treatment, plus an increase in questions coming via the support line about this. We were keen to provide accurate and up to date information to those who contacted the charity, including patients. 

NanoKnife is a new interventional therapy, which has been used successfully in the treatment of prostate cancer and liver tumours. Currently, it is only available privately in the UK. While there have been some small scale studies conducted on the safety of the treatment, it is important to note that it is still an experimental treatment and further research needs to be conducted on the efficacy of the treatment.


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