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A Dorset Date Auction!

Posted by: Fundraising 19 March 2013

We love hearing about the different ways our supporters are raising money and awareness for pancreatic cancer. If a bake sale or a run isn't for you, why not take a leaf out of James Webb's book and organise a Date Auction! Here he is to tell us a little more about the night…

Dorset Date Auction

"The date auction happened on Wednesday 13th March at The Man In The Wall pub in Wimborne, Dorset. Prior to the event I sold raffle tickets and date auction tickets. The date auction tickets were £5 each which included 20% off a meal and five raffle tickets. After an hour of light entertainment, the raffle took place; we had some great prizes, which varied from free haircuts, £10 vouchers, cook books, DVD's, perfume sets and alcohol. A good mixture for everyone! It turned out to be a very good way to raise money, garnering around £200 just on tickets! 

Following the raffle, we had a half hour interval and the date auction began. Seven of us were to be auctioned off and due to some last minute arrangements we all took turns walking up and down the catwalk to present ourselves to the bidders. Embarrassing! Each person would sit up on a high chair and answer three random questions and then the bidding commenced. Bids went from £15 to £80. Oscar Tilley managed to get £80 from one bidder! After the person was auctioned off, the lucky lady would select a random card and inside would be the chosen date of 'what', 'where' and 'when'. Cards varied from McDonalds drive-throughs to crazy golf. All in all the night was a big success and we raised £510 with further donations being made. The lads auctioned off were, James Webb, Brennan Peirce, Oscar Tilley, Dan Sharp, Matt Foreman, Ed Cunningham and Tom Hitchman 

Dorset Date Auction Group

We've been raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK because my best friend, Brennan Peirce, lost his dad Nick, recently to pancreatic cancer, so I'm doing my bit to help the family, my best friend and for other people as well that have lost loved ones to the cancer. I'm trying to raise awareness in my local area and I feel fun and unique events are ways to get people together for a good cause. I thought the date auction would be something a bit different from usual fundraising. 

The Man In The Wall have agreed to throw a date auction every year for Pancreatic Cancer UK and hopefully it'll become a bigger and more extravagant event as time goes on! For anyone who would like to contribute to our fundraising, all donations are welcome and can be made here www.justgiving.com/SkydiveNickPeirce."

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