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New Government E-petition is launched by campaigner

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 19 May 2013

Pancreatic Cancer awareness campaigner Maggie Watts has launched a UK Government E-petition to push pancreatic cancer higher up the political agenda. More funding and research into this disease is needed and with your help we can raise the profile.

Maggie Watts  and husband

Maggie and her husband Kevin

"My husband died of pancreatic cancer, aged just 48, a few days before Christmas 2009. His own mother died in 1969 of the same cancer, aged 27. The shocking fact is, that although these deaths were 40 years apart, the survival rate for pancreatic cancer has not improved at all in that time. Something must be done to change this for future pancreatic cancer patients - it can strike anyone at any age and about 7,900 people die from it in the UK each year

Maggie Watts

Team Kevin doing a charity walk in his memory

My husband fought valiantly to stay alive as long as possible and his positivity throughout was amazing, including holding an "I'm Still Standing" Party to celebrate outliving the 18 month prognosis he was given. Sadly, he died six weeks later and it is in his memory that I am striving to raise awareness of this cancer so that progress can be made for future sufferers.

Maggie Watts _and _son 2

Maggie and her son accepting an award on Kevin's behalf

My husband was amazing throughout his illness and did so much, including the Great South Run for our local Hospice the day after completing a 6 week chemo/radiotherapy course, despite advice to the contrary from his Oncologist. He continued to work throughout and the project he built whilst he was ill was nominated for a Building Excellence Award which he won (sadly after he had passed away) but my son and I accepted it on his behalf.  He refused to give into the cancer and, thankfully, was able to live a full life right up to the very end - by that I don't mean that his cancer battle was easy, he just somehow found a steely determination and positivity to get through."

At Pancreatic Cancer UK we're campaigning to double five year survival rates for this disease and with your help, we can all keep pancreatic cancer at the forefront of discussion. Please sign and share the petition today; post it on Facebook or Twitter or email it to your friends and encourage them to sign and share too - with your help we can all make a difference!

For more facts about pancreatic cancer, or if you've been affected by a diagnosis of the disease and need support, please head to our Information and Support section of the website, or join our online communities on FacebookTwitter, the Forum and during Live Chats.