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CRUK make welcome investment into pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Comms 29 April 2014

Welcome research investment from Cancer Research UK

Today, Cancer Research UK announced that it is increasing its research in to hard-to-treat cancers including pancreatic cancer as well as lung, oesophageal and brain tumours. To help accelerate progress, the charity will be investing an additional £50 million a year into new funding schemes for its researchers.

Find out more about Cancer Research UK's  strategy.

Our Chief Executive, Ms Alex Ford, comments, "Having worked in partnership with Cancer Research UK for over three years, we are delighted that they have made a commitment in their new strategy to increase research funding for pancreatic cancer.

"We have been lobbying for increased funding into pancreatic cancer research for many years now. It is our hope that Cancer Research UK's investment in to pancreatic cancer research will match the amount we set out in 2012 to be the minimum required in order to reach a point where real progress can start to be made. In our  2012 policy document we calculated £10 million investment would be needed by 2015, and £12 million by 2017."

How have we been working with Cancer Research UK?

We've been working in partnership with Cancer Research UK for more than three years specifically through their provision of administrative support for our Research Innovation Fund.

We have also been instrumental in the establishment of the UK Pancreatic Cancer Research Working Group made up of research experts from across the UK and chaired by Professor Andrew Biankin from Glasgow University, who is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board. The role of the working group is to bring the research community in pancreatic cancer together to collaborate so that more and better research proposals are developed than is the case now.

How do we lobby for increased funding for pancreatic cancer research?

Pancreatic Cancer UK has been campaigning for a number of years for more intensive, better funded and co-ordinated research into pancreatic cancer. We, and other charities, are putting significant funding into several research projects but we need the Government to step up and do more.

In November 2012 we held a Roundtable Parliamentary Discussion in the House of Commons which included all the key funders and policy makers and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on pancreatic cancer (for which Pancreatic Cancer UK is the secretariat) will soon begin an Inquiry into how more and better research into pancreatic cancer can be undertaken. We expect the group to make a range of key recommendations which will be put to the Department of Health later this year. In the mean time, we will continue our own campaigning for more and better research.