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Crumball Rally - the wrap up!

Posted by: Comms 26 August 2014

In June we introduced you to the friends taking on the Crumball Rally to raise money for us! At the time they were getting ready for the 'banger rally'; painting their car and fixing it up for the journey. If you missed it, go back and have a read of their first blog post to find out what the Crumball Rally is all about - meanwhile, we caught up with Justin, Louis, Gavin and Dan on their highlights of the trip, during which they raised a whopping £2658 for us!

Having completed the "Crumball Rally: Thundercrawl Rally 2014" we have taken time to reflect upon the highs and lows of the journey to and from Venice.

My personal highlight was driving up into the Swiss Alps, which were visually stunning and tranquil what with mountain waterfalls and cows with bells on, almost getting stuck due to an oncoming bus full of people, and then eventually ending up at what can only be described as a Swiss cannibalistic mountain tribe containing one very old lady and 20 kids. This was made even better upon finding out that we drove up the wrong mountain. Special thanks to Gavin and Dan for their great navigational skills.

The main highlight for me also has to be going through the Alps. The scenery through that whole stint of the journey was just phenomenal (when we could actually see the views through the thick cloud). Going for a dip in the lake on the edge of Thun in the surroundings that we had was awesome! All of the cities/towns and stop off points were such lovely places and getting to see and visit so much in such a short space of time was great. Although, the biggest highlight of the whole trip, was on the first night when Justin was dancing on a pool table and shaking his booty at a load of cheering chanting locals! What a sight to behold.

Despite discussing the high points, a low point had to be spending the trip with Louis, and more specifically his rear end. Being locked in a car for a week with that is not something I ever wish to repeat.

I really enjoyed the fireworks display we witnessed at Locarno in Switzerland, I'm not sure what the occasion was (some kind of music festival I think) but it was pretty spectacular, as we were very close to the action with the explosives being fired up from barges on the river going through town. The amount of money and effort they put into that display trumps anything I've seen back in the UK. The dam where Pierce Brosnan does his jump at the start of Goldeneye was pretty breathtaking/mind bending too - well worth a visit!

For me driving down the Swiss Alps in some pretty dangerous conditions is something that will stick with me for a long time I really enjoyed it! Although I do wish the views weren't ruined by the fog and mist. I think pretty much all of the stop off points were a highlight for me, most of them were truly beautiful such as Reims, the whole Interlaken region, Locarno, Venice and even some surprise locations on the way back such as Luxembourg City. It really wasn't how I had pictured it in my head! The people we met along the way made it even more enjoyable.

All of the team on fundraising:
Of course, to smash through our target of £1000 sponsorship and more than double it has been great! We are very proud of ourselves and happy/surprised that we managed to raise as much as we did. And to do it whilst having a great time, what more can be asked for? We are also happy in the knowledge that we have managed to assist in Pancreatic Cancer UK's mission to double five-year survival rates within five years and to change the NHS experience of pancreatic cancer patients from being one of the worst to one of the best.

Thank you gents for catching us up with your adventures! If the Crumball Rally gave you itchy feet and a desire to get out there and raise money in a way you'll never forget, why not sign up to one of our fundraising challenges today?