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The Marathon Series: our marathon runners dig in

Posted by: Comms 7 February 2014

8 and a bit weeks to go until the London Marathon and training is well and truly under way for our runners...here's how Catherine's getting on!

Catherine Nigeria

CATHERINE: 'Nigeria, nails and numbers'

I run a business called Mile 91. We specialise in charity story gathering and filmmaking and many of our clients are international charities, which is how two weeks ago I found myself following my training plan from Nigeria!

A dingy, airless gym was the scene of one run and although it got the task ticked off my list it was hardly the most inspiring of African runs! The second was more fun - running around quiet dusty streets at 6am, watching the sky lighten as I ran and being greeted and encouraged by other morning runners.

It was also in Nigeria that I had a conversation I will never forget. Anyone who has ever travelled in Africa will recognise the upfront communication style!

Peace: What has happened to your toenail?

Catherine: I started running and it was too long so it's gone a bit funny.

Peace: You are running! Are you SERIOUS? How far? A few metres?

Catherine: No, I'm training for a marathon.

Peace: Oh my! God have mercy on you, running with your weight.

Back in the UK, it was on to Meet the Experts, the annual event from the organisers of the London Marathon. A day of inspiring and insightful talks leave you brimming with motivation and your mind buzzing with new facts. Numbers that stick in my mind (apart from 26.2!) includes half a million spectators, £53 million raised for good causes, last year alone, and - my favourite - of the 206 bones in the body a quarter of them are in your feet. There's a new wow everyday at the moment!