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"A lifeline to myself and many others"

Posted by: Information & support 13 June 2014

Our community of supporters at Pancreatic Cancer UK is well-developed and long-standing. From Facebook to Twitter to our Forum and live chats, we have lots of ways for those dealing with pancreatic cancer in their lives to find like-minded people and support.One of our forum users volunteered to tell us whatbenefits she found by joining the site, and how it is a "lifeline" for her as she cares for her husband:

"My husband, Bill, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on April 12th last year, 2013.  Never having heard of this cancer I immediately "googled" it to see what I could find out. The first sites which popped up were terribly medical and almost text book in manner and layout. Then I came upon Pancreatic Cancer UK's site.

I read as much as I could about the illness and it's dreadful survival rates and then I clicked on the "I received great support from the online forum" button. Here I found so many people, who, like me were dealing with a newly diagnosed person and all were unsure about where to turn next. Over the next months I was on the site several times a day. It was a lifeline to myself and to so many others. The same patients and carers appeared over and over again giving support and suggesting how best to help our very ill partners; we discussed drugs, hospice nurses, financial entitlements pain issues, jaundice, diet and many, many other things during that time. As well as all of the comments from the carers there was practical help in the form of the posts from the professionals on the site who were always up to date with each case and could be emailed or telephoned at any time.

Through our first 'meeting' on the site I have become friends with several other Purple ladies. We had a weekend in Dublin, which was great! There were a few tears but many laughs as well. Hopefully in the very near future we will be planning another little break. Sadly everyone whom I met online has now lost their partner. It seemed that every few days over a period of around two months someone would disappear from the forum.We all knew that things had deteriorated and we almost held our breath waiting for the news.

However, life does go on and here we all are, ttill in contact, still sharing experiences, still having down days but...still here. Fundraising and petitioning like mad so that in the future a diagnosis of PC is no longer a death sentence.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the forum family and to the professionals without whom I doubt if I would have coped half so well. I would urge anyone who has been diagnosed themselves or is in the role of carer to go online. You will be very, very glad that you did!"

- June

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