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Look out - it's the Crumball Rally!

Posted by: Comms 13 June 2014

Our fundraising team are busy fielding calls and emails left, right and centre from you brilliantly enthusiastic supporters! We love hearing about all the different and inventive ways you dream up to keep on fundraising for us - from Kookie Cats to thank you cards, to... driving a 'banger' car all the way through Europe!? We caught up with fundraiser Justin Holsgrove who, with an adventurous team of three friends, are setting out to join the Crumball Rally! Want to know more? Read on!

For those of us who haven't heard of it, what's the Crumball Rally?
The Crumball Rally is a series of themed Banger Rally events that span Europe. You're not to spend more than £200 on a car and then try and reach the start - and then finish line.

Where did the idea to do a rally come from?
Some colleagues and myself were in the pub thinking of cool things to do for charity. The rally offered up little physical labour compared to running a marathon which myself and Louis are allergic to but still provided a huge challenge as none of us know our way around a car.

Why did you choose to raise money for us?
We chose Pancreatic Cancer UK as several team members have known someone afflicted with this and as it's one of the hardest to beat so we thought it was the cause for us.

Who's on your team? Do they have specific jobs to do along the way?
The Team is Louis Jenkins (a hardware technician), Gavin Campbell (a mapping assistant), Dan Miles (a Specialist Farming Team Leader) and myself (a software test analyst/ developer). Dan, Gavin and Louis work together at SOYL Precision Famring in Newbury and I work at Landmark Information Group in Reading - both companies are helping us to reach our fundraising goals! We plan to take turns in driving but have no other specific roles mapped out. Gavin is our fall guy if we get arrested.

Are you going to be decorating your car in a crazy way?
It's on its way to becoming a police car!

How long do you think it will take you to complete the rally? 
The Rally is 3 days long with various stop off and mini challenges along the way. We just hope to complete it! We are planning to drive the car back rather than scrap it so we hope it will last the distance and more.

Do you have a target in mind for your fundraising?
Not really, I set it at £1 million on JustGiving as I had no idea what to expect from people - if we get £1000 I'll be more than chuffed!

What are you most excited about for the challenge?
Taking in the sights of some very famous Bond films (our particular rally is bond themed!) - we are supposed to do a bungee jump at Verdaska Dam, scene of the death defying bungee jump at the beginning of Goldeneye (now the highest jump in the world)

And what are you least looking forward to?
Breaking down....

Any words of encouragement for other supporters thinking of doing an event?
Do things because they are hard and not because they are easy -  and make as much noise about it as possible!

If you want to support Justin and his team on their challenge, head on over to their JustGiving page now and give them a boost! You can also follow the boys' adventures on their blog! Plus, if they've inspired you to get cracking on your own challenge, then head on over to our Fundraising pages now and get started!