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Top night photography tips for #PurpleLights

Posted by: Comms 30 October 2014

It’s nearly #PurpleLights time! You’ve done all the planning, you have your glow sticks (or they’re on their way to you) and now it’s time to raise some awareness on social media. We need you to take a shot of your #PurpleLights event, buildings and glow sticks on Saturday 1st November and tweet or Facebook post them, tagging it with the #PurpleLights hashtag. The more photos we can take, the more purple light we can spread across the internet! And to help you get the perfect picture, we’ve put together our top phone photography tips for night time:

#purplelights phone photography tips

  • Play around with your phone’s settings before the event:

Most smartphones have a ‘night’ mode setting in the camera that automatically adjusts things like shutter speed and ISO so you don’t have to. Have a play around and find out where yours is hidden so that you can get to it quickly on the night for #PurpleLights.

  • Keep as still as possible:

Reducing hand shake will help you get that brilliant shot – try holding your phone like an actual camera, with two hands. A tripod is ideal, but don’t worry if you don’t have one: resting on something solid like a table or wall will help!

  • Get the exposure right:

Have you ever opened your phone’s camera and found the image to be automatically over-exposed, with parts of the image totally white? You can help your camera find the right exposure by tapping on the parts of the screen where the light is. The camera will adjust the image depending on where you tap. Give it a try!

  • Take lots of photos:

Take lots of shots and pick the best ones, rather than relying on getting the perfect photo first time. Don’t delete any until you’ve had a chance to look through them properly, as you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have an iPhone, why not download the NightFastSnap app? It’ll take 30 shots in quick succession – one of them is bound to be good!

  • Avoid using the zoom:

Try to get as close as you can to the subject (either the building or your glow sticks) as you can with your body, rather than using the zoom; you’ll get a sharper photo that way.

  • Enlist a friend’s help:

If it’s a little too dark to get a good photo, and there is more than one of you with a phone, get your friend to use the ‘torch’ function on their phone to light the scene while you snap a photo!

  • Download a handy app:

If you’re on your phone, there are a few apps you can try that will help you get the perfect shot in low-light: NightCap app for iPhone or Night Camera for Android will take in more light than the phone’s camera alone, meaning you’ll get much clearer photos!  If you want to be a little bit fancy, why not try a long exposure app to get DSLR-like effects? Don’t forget to download them and have a play around the night before so that you know exactly how to use it for the 1st November.

Good luck team! We can't wait to see your #PurpleLights photos!