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PanPals Dorset lighting the sky purple this November!

Posted by: Comms 24 September 2014

This PCAM we're asking you to  get invovled with our Purple Lights events to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer in your local area and kick of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month with a blaze of purple light! Our supporters have been working hard and have so far organised the lighting up of Blackpool Tower, Spinnaker Tower, and churches in local areas like Holme upon Spalding Moor! Supporter Audrey, who is part of the brilliant PanPals Dorset support group, spoke to us about organising for a local church to be lit purple on 1st November for #PurpleLights...

Hi Audrey, thanks for getting involved this PCAM! What will you be doing for purple lights in November?
We have obtained permission  to light St Peters Church and the clock tower of the Corn Exchange, both very central on the main road through Dorchester. 'We' are Pan Pals Dorset, a support group founded in 2012 by people affected by pancreatic cancer, in my case the devastating loss of my lovely granddaughter Gemma.

How easy has it been to organise the lighting up of the church building?
We started the Purple Lights event, by searching for buildings with outside lighting, which proved difficult at first. Then we visited in person the District Council Offices, the Town Council offices and Electricity Offices, explaining what we required. We then met with and persuaded the vicar of St Peters to help our cause; all involved eventually proved to be very helpful and supportive.

What would you tell people thinking about holding their own event? Is there any wisdom you’d like to impart? (e.g. ‘if you don't ask, you don’t get’, or how good it feels to be involved in the campaign, that sort of thing?)
Nothing ventured, Nothing gained is a good attitude to start with, my approach is always "face to face", making immediate rapport....it seems to work!

Dorset Pan Pals Stall

Pan Pals hopes our Purple Lights event in Dorchester will help continue our efforts to raise awareness and help funds for research into early diagnosis into pancreatic cancer. We also intend to advertise and talk about this event on local radio and the press, and have also asked local shops and business to light up on the day. People have promised to shine a purple light in their homes.  Dorset may change colour that day!!

We hope it does Audrey, and we're very much looking forward to seeing photos! You can help raise awareness in your local area too - like Audrey says, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Order your PCAM pack now and get lighting buildings purple!