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Symptoms Diagnosis Survey: what we know

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 14 May 2015

In December 2014 we launched an online survey asking patients, carers and family members to share with us the details of their diagnosis experience.

Symptoms Diagnosis Survey front cover

THANK YOU to everybody who took part. Over 300 responses were received from all over the UK, and beyond. We believe that as so many people took the time and trouble to complete the survey it is only right that the results be made publically available.

The message that emerges from the survey results is clear: much more needs to be done to ensure earlier diagnosis of the disease and to prevent patients having to make so many repeat visits to GPs before being diagnosed. There is also still a need to see greater consideration of patients throughout the whole diagnostic pathway, especially in ensuring they are told their diagnosis is an appropriate manner and in a location that offers privacy.

The results of the survey have already helped us respond to a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) consultation on new referral guidelines for suspected cancer; have been used in campaigning materials, like our Diagnosis Manifesto for Scotland; and will help us better campaign in the future both with politicians and within the NHS for improvements to pancreatic cancer outcomes and care across the UK.

Download the full survey report below.