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How we produce information that you can trust

Posted by: Information & support 21 July 2016

You may have noticed that our publications are changing. Our new look and feel, which we launched in February 2016, has been an exciting opportunity for us to redesign all our booklets and fact sheets. We’ve been working with people affected by pancreatic cancer to make sure the new design makes it as easy as possible for readers to both find and read the information they need. We’ve also involved people with sight loss, to help us make our information accessible for those with sight problems. Our publications now feature lots of photos and quotes from people who have pancreatic cancer and their families. We hope these changes will refresh our information, making it easier to use when people really need it.

We produce a wide range of information about pancreatic cancer, from the symptoms, tests you might have, treatments and side effects, to dealing with problems around diet and digestion, information for families, and the support available. Last year we sent out over 18,000 publications, and our online information was read over 760,000 times. All our information is free to order and download.

“I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in 2010 and had the information been available to me and my family then, it would have made such a difference to our journey from understanding the diagnosis to accessing additional support.”

We are proud of the quality of our information, and are accredited by the Information Standard as producers of high quality, reliable health information. This means we have to follow strict criteria in producing information. All our information is based on the latest evidence, and is checked by experts in the field to make sure it’s accurate. And we update everything regularly to make sure it’s up-to-date.

People affected by pancreatic cancer are crucial in helping us to make sure we produce quality information that people need. We involve people who have or have had pancreatic cancer as well as families and friends in reviewing all our information. They advise us on what information we need to produce, whether it answers all the questions people might have, and whether it is clear and easy to understand. They also provide examples of their experiences so that our information truly reflects what happens in practice.

If you would like to get involved in reviewing our information, just drop us a line at publications@pancreaticcancer.org.uk