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Sixteen Sunsets - Our Story

Posted by: Fundraising 12 March 2016

Sixteen Sunsets 1

Hello, my name is Jehane Markham and I am the widow of the actor, Roger Lloyd Pack. Roger and I have three sons, Spencer, Hartley and Louis.

Grief takes people in different ways. For myself, and my middle son, Hartley, the only way to help the pain was to write about it in songs and poems. Slowly we started to share with each other what we had written. Roger had asked for various musicians to play and sing at his funeral. Trills, a fabulous four-part girls harmony group sang on that day and later joined up to provide backing to a song of Hartley’s “Baby Don’t Cry”. This was the start of us building up track after track of our material with different musicians, many of whom had played at Roger’s funeral. As Hartley said, “the seeds were sown on the day of the funeral.”

I shall never forget the day in March 2013, when Roger was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. You don't forget those kind of days. A few weeks later I chanced to hear someone who had been in space, speaking on the radio, he said: "From a spaceship you can see sixteen sunsets in one day orbiting the earth." Some time later, a poem emerged, which was to become the title of our album. Our album is collaboration between Hartley and me and some very talented musicians who we are lucky enough to call our friends. You could call it the blues, sad rap or poetry and groove. It may bring you to tears or it may have you bopping round the kitchen. We hope you'll buy and enjoy while raising funds to help all those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Sixteen Sunsets is avilable now and can be purchased here.