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Remembering those we’ve lost with Purple Lights

Posted by: Guest author 25 November 2016

By Zoe Hilton-Webb

This year I held another purple light event in memory of my family friend who died nine years ago from pancreatic cancer. I am also holding a purple light event in memory of my aunt who died three years ago from this awful disease.

I think that it is really important to remember the people that I have lost from pancreatic cancer. I want to raise awareness of the disease. We never know what our lives will bring, but it is important to remember those that we have lost and share the memories that you had with that person, with others that also knew that person.

I held his year’s Purple Lights event in my back garden. Me and my family gathered in the garden with purple glow sticks in remembrance of my friend and aunt. We shared memories, and sometimes we just sat in silence to reflect on our own. Holding an event like this makes you grateful for what you have, and also lucky that you had those good times with the people that you have lost.

We don’t always recognise just how short life is, but when you lose someone close to you it makes you realizes just how precious it is.

We enjoy holding the Purple Lights events in my garden as it works really well and this year the weather was not too bad..

Two years ago me and my family held our purple lights event at at a beach that me and my friend loved to walk to and spend time at together. Since my friend passed away, it has become a very special place for me.