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Katie takes on the Bath Half Marathon

Posted by: Guest author 3 November 2017

Katie Walker is inspired to take on the Bath Half Marathon after tragically losing a friend to pancreatic cancer.

My motivation

I’ve never really been that interested in sport, and up until recently, the thought of entering a half marathon had never been further from my mind.

In July 2015 my boss, and good friend, Chris Tambling was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He died in October of that year, no-one close to him had even got their head around his diagnosis, least of all Chris himself.

It took me close to six months to come out of my back hole of sadness, I couldn’t believe someone so close to me had died in such a horrible way.

I needed to release some tension, so I began seeing a personal trainer and went on short jogs. It was my personal trainer who suggested I signed up for the Bath Half Marathon – I initially laughed at the idea.

It then dawned on me that fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK would help to fund vital research, which could enable pancreatic cancer patients to live months (even years!) longer. This extra time with loved ones would have meant the world to Chris.

Kate Walker 

What I loved about running for Pancreatic Cancer UK

I decided to rise to the challenge and sign up for the event. Not only did it give me a personal goal, but the thought that I was able to help other people by doing it spurred me on, especially during the training runs in the rain and snow!

Chris himself would have been highly amused at the thought of me doing a half marathon, he wasn’t a runner either! In a strange way, this made me even more determined to give it a go.

On race day I was both scared and excited – 13 miles is a fair distance! The day was great, I was incredibly inspired to see so many people pushing themselves to raise money for causes close to their hearts. It was tough, really tough. I cry during the race and after it had finished, but I managed to run the whole way and didn’t walk or stop at any point.

I cannot recommend this event more highly. If someone asked me whether I would do it all again, I would not hesitate in saying yes.  

How I was supported

Pancreatic Cancer UK provided me with some materials that really helped me, my friends and my family to get into the spirit of fundraising. We were excited to use all the materials, which included t-shirts, balloons, money collecting boxes and banners. To celebrate after the event, we held a purple themed party with pancreas themed cupcakes and asked people to add to the donation boxes.

I managed to raise a total of £2710 which I’m extremely proud of, it was well worth the sweat and tears! I had lovely emails from the charity after the event thanking me and then telling me what percentage of the overall total on the day for them I had raised and I felt really pleased.

To sign up to the Bath Half Marathon, visit our Bath Half Marathon page