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St. Pancreas - how a great plan to support Pancreatic Cancer UK comes together

Posted by: Guest author 22 November 2018

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a plan coming together.

For the second year running, we had the privilege of working with the team at High Speed One yet again to turn St Pancras International into ‘St Pancreas’ for the day, to raise awareness and garner support for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

With an incredible logo change and transformation of their social media platforms, we celebrated Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in this invaluable public setting and prestigious landmark; launching our St Pancreas Challenge on social media (to guess where their pancreas is) and later being joined by the talented Popchoir who arrived in force to treat commuters to a stunning 2 hour performance.

Playing on the common mispronunciation of one of London's best-loved stations, we were able to raise nearly £3,000 in such a short amount of time and increase awareness of a disease that is all too often neglected.

Vicky at St Pancras International

I couldn't be prouder, not only to work for Pancreatic Cancer UK, but also to stand beside my incredibly passionate and dedicated colleagues, who braved the freezing conditions in the station and supported those who came to us to share how they’ve been affected by pancreatic cancer. One gentleman approached us during the choir's performance after having recently losing his cousin just the week before. It was only by chance that he was passing through St Pancras that day, and he felt it was a sign seeing us there. The atmosphere was a perfect setting to remember the loss of a loved one, and highlights just how important it is that we're here together to take on this devastating cancer.

It is partnerships like this that will get pancreatic cancer the recognition it deserves, and will fund the breakthroughs that will transform these ugly statistics. 

Pop Choir at St Pancras International

Massive thank you to HS1 for this invaluable opportunity, specifically Mark Putley and Emily King for your hard work, to Pancreatic Cancer UK for facilitating the fight against the deadliest common cancer, and for everyone that supported and shared their story with us on Thursday.

Here's to #StPancreas 2019 😊

By Victoria Baulcomb