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Easy Read booklets launched to make pancreatic cancer information accessible to more people

Posted by: Information & support 31 October 2019

We have launched our first ever Easy Read booklets. They use pictures and simple words to help people who might struggle with written information to understand pancreatic cancer and its treatment. We hope these booklets will help us reach more people affected by pancreatic cancer, and help them understand their cancer diagnosis and options. The booklets include information on what pancreatic cancer is, how to get support, and the treatments you may have.

Pancreatic Cancer UK Easy Read Booklets

Why is Easy Read so important?

We know that 43% of the UK adult population don’t have the literacy skills needed to properly understand and use written health information to make decisions about their care. This figure rises to 61% where numbers are included in the information. Easy read information can be helpful for these people, as well as people who don’t speak English as a first language. Easy read is also designed specifically to help people with learning disabilities understand written information.

We worked with a specialist accessible information agency, BTM, to produce the Easy Read booklets. BTM work closely with people with learning disabilities and involved them in the production of the booklets. They also tested the booklets with local learning disability groups.

Emily Morgan, Senior Information Manager at Pancreatic Cancer UK said: “We are delighted to have launched this new series of booklets. We want to be able to support everyone affected by pancreatic cancer, but we know that not everyone wants long detailed information. We hope these booklets will help everyone who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer understand their diagnosis and treatment options, ask questions and make decisions about their care.” 

You can also download and order these booklets for free on our Easy Read information page.