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Campaign for Hope

Campaign for Hope launchThe Campaign for Hope was launched in response to the findings of Pancreatic Cancer UK's Study for Survival, which highlighted a catalogue of challenges and issues ranging from late diagnosis of the disease to poor patient experience.

The Campaign for Hope set out two ambitious goals:

  • to double five-year pancreatic cancer survival rates
  • to change the NHS experience of pancreatic cancer patients from one of the worst to one of the best.

Study for Survival 

The objective of the Study for Survival represented the first - and only - comprehensive review of pancreatic cancer across the UK. It drew on the experiences and views of over 1,000 people living and working with pancreatic cancer, and an analysis undertaken in partnership with the National Cancer Intelligence Network. It was also informed by a review of the international pancreatic cancer research landscape.

The study gave us invaluable insight into the challenges experienced first-hand by patients, their families and carers - as well as  GPs, nurses, specialists working with pancreatic cancer patients and researchers. The Study identified a need to:

  • Tackle barriers to early diagnosis head-on
  • Better understand why UK pancreatic cancer survival rates lag behind many other EU countries and are nearly half of what they are in the US, Canada and Australia
  • Address poor patient experience across almost every front - from access to information through to management of side effects and pain relief
  • Increase investment in pancre­atic cancer research in the UK

The Campaign for Hope is a real chance for the UK pancreatic cancer community to work together to make a dif­ference to the lives of everyone affected by pancreatic cancer, both today and in the future.