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Demand Faster Treatment 

Many people with pancreatic cancer are having to wait too long for treatment. We are asking UK Governments to treat it within 20 days. Read more about our Demand Faster Treatment campaign.

Every month matters 

On 21st March 2017 we launched our Every month matters petition, calling for fair access to life-extending treatment on the NHS. Find out more about Every month matters.

Abraxane® petition

Our Abraxane® petition, which was part of our Two More Months campaign, closed on 29th July 2015 with a total of 3,088 signatures. Thank you to all who signed and shared it. The petition was presented to 10 Downing Street on 11th December 2014, and to Parliament on 21st July 2015. Thanks to your support, the treatment is now available to all eligible patients across the UK. 

Background to the Abraxane petition 

Launched in February 2014, our Two More Months campaign aimed to make the chemotherapy drug Abraxane® available for eligible pancreatic cancer patients across the UK. Abraxane®, when combined with standard chemotherapy treatment, has been shown in trials to extend eligible patients' lives by an average of just over two months - although in some cases significantly more.

Hundreds of you supported the campaign and wrote to your MPs, which resulted in Two More Months being mentioned in Parliament by the Health Minister. And as a result of this pressure, Abraxane® was added to the CDF list for England in March 2014.

The CDF has a substantial, but limited budget. Because of the number of drugs that have been added to the Fund since 2010, there is pressure to reduce costs. This means that some of the drugs are having their status reviewed and may be removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund List. Abraxane®'s status was reassessed at a meeting of the CDF on 15th December 2014, but thankfully was not removed from the list, again in large part down to action by those of you who campaigned by contacting your MP or by signing our petition, which was presented to Downing Street on 11th December 2014.

We were however disappointed when in September 2015 the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) announced that it would be removing Abraxane® from its list of approved drugs. This was followed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence rejecting Abraxane for routine use on the NHS, leaving patients in England and Northern Ireland with no way of gaining access to the drug for free. By presenting the results of the Abraxane petition, along with results from our Abraxane Survey and other evidence, in August 2017 we were able to successfully campaign for Abraxane to be made available once again on the NHS in England. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign, enabling many people with advanced pancreatic cancer to live significantly longer.