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Early Diagnosis Summit 2012

Lecture theatrePancreatic Cancer UK's Early Diagnosis Summit, held on 27th June 2012, brought together over 70 pancreatic cancer experts, including patients and their carers to tackle the challenge of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

In addition to hearing some of the most recent new research relating to pancreatic cancer and diagnosis, the Summit also heard from Paul Burstow, the then Minister of State for Care Services and Professor Sir Mike Richards, National Cancer Director.

The Summit provided excellent insight into the challenges and opportunities for improving early diagnosis;

"I found it an excellent day. It's led me, in my associate medical director role at a large FT, helping redesign community services for 800k, patients to look at how we improve GP access to timely rapid medical advice for patients who we feel have something not right but aren't  sure what - clearly not just cancer related but for many conditions where, as I  said, we miss that friendly phone call to someone we know who can give some  pearls of wisdom rather than what currently happens - not really knowing who to  turn to or who to refer a patient to.

"I was not sure coming down what I  was expecting, but can honestly say I got and learnt a great deal from  listening and speaking to others - so thank you!" GP Delegate 

As a result of the Early Diagnosis Summit we identified a number of key actions we believe could help improve early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. We are now actively following up on the summit outcomes with a view to ensuring these actions are implemented, in the hope of achieving these changes.

To see more images from the event head to our Facebook page and dowload the report below.