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New Abraxane survey

In September 2015 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) decided not to recommend a new pancreatic cancer drug, Abraxane, for use on the NHS in England and, by extension, Northern Ireland. Initially NICE said they would not look at Abraxane again until October 2018. However, new evidence has been provided to them and they have now brought forward the reappraisal.

We have been asked to respond to NICE by 17th March, giving our opinion as to whether and why the drug should be made available to patients on the NHS. To help us do so, we would welcome the input of patients and the family and friends of patients who have/had advanced pancreatic cancer. We would especially welcome input from patients, or the family and friends of patients who have been treated with Abraxane, and the views of patients in Wales and Scotland who currently have access to the drug.

Take our Abraxane survey before Friday 3rd March

All answers to the survey are anonymous. However, you can provide your contact details so we can contact you to discuss your answers in more depth if we need to. We fully abide by our Privacy Policy, which is available to view on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us by sharing your experiences in this way. By doing so, you are helping us to put forward the most informed case possible to NICE.

Find out more about our Two Months More campaign around Abraxane.

NanoKnife (Irreversible Electroporation or IRE) survey

We are carrying out a short survey into people’s experience of NanoKnife (Irreversible Electoporation or IRE) as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. If you or a family member has had IRE or is planning to have IRE, we would really appreciate if you could complete a few short questions.

The findings will be used as evidence in a report to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is carrying out a consultation on IRE for pancreatic cancer patients. Currently, IRE is only available on the NHS as part of research studies, and at one private hospital in London. NICE is looking at whether IRE should be available on the NHS, and your views will help inform the consultation.

Your answers to the survey are completely confidential and will remain anonymous in any future report or communications. However, if you would be prepared to talk to us in a little more detail about your views and experiences please leave your contact details at the end of the survey.

If you have had IRE or are going to have IRE, please take our patient survey.

If you are the family member of someone who has had IRE or is going to have IRE, please take our Family Members’ survey.

Clinical Trials survey

One of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s aims is to increase the amount of research into pancreatic cancer. We try to do this by funding research directly ourselves, lobbying Government and others to increase their funding and by pressing for policy changes to make research into the disease easier and more effective.

Effective research requires a good number of clinical trials to take place, so as to demonstrate whether a new treatment is truly effective for patients. We know that there are only a small number of clinical trials into pancreatic cancer open in the UK, and it can take a long time to recruit patients into those trials.                                                  

We understand that not all pancreatic cancer patients will be fit enough to take part in a trial, may not be suitable for other reasons and, of course, may not want to take part in a trial at all. However, we want to find out what we can do to make it easier for people to take part in trials if they want to. So we are keen to find out what experiences – if any – you have of clinical trials.

As such, we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete our survey, to help us to better understand some of the issues involved.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, depending upon how many detailed comments you leave.

The survey is completely anonymous if you wish it to be. However, if you would be prepared to talk to us in a little more detail about your views and experiences please leave your contact details at the end of the survey.

To take our clinical trials survey click here.

At Pancreatic Cancer UK we take your right to privacy very seriously.

This privacy policy tells you how and why we use the information you give us. Any personal information will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, which came into force in 2000. Collection of information you give us may include your name, contact details, credit card or bank details, information about your health, or any other information you give us. Pancreatic Cancer UK is the sole owner of the information submitted by you to us in any way. This may include when ordering publications or merchandise, making a donation, registering on the discussion forums, contacting our Support Line, signing up to newsletters, completing surveys, filling in forms, or any other ways you contact us.