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Grand Challenge Award

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After years of chronic underfunding, Pancreatic Cancer UK has been working hard to fund research to spur creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer research and also to support, develop and attract the brightest minds in the pancreatic cancer field who will go on to make the breakthroughs of the future.

But so much more needs to be done.

Pancreatic cancer needs bold investment to transform the future and to deliver the step change that can alter the outcome for those diagnosed with this devastating disease.

That is why we have announced a £1m funding opportunity under our Grand Challenge Award.

Under our Grand Challenge Award scheme, £1,000,000 will be available for a single project to tackle one or more of the major barriers or issues in pancreatic cancer, which when resolved would make a significant impact on the lives of those affected.

More details of the Grand Challenge Award will be announced in 2017.