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Humanising the mouse glycome: the search for new cancer biomarkers

Recipient: Professor David Tuveson

Host Institution: University of Cambridge

Title: Humanising the mouse glycome: the search for new cancer biomarkers

Type of award: 2011 Research Grant

Funding: £125,000 grant by Pancreatic Cancer UK's fund Nicki's Smile to further a research study aimed at early identification of pancreatic cancer.

Status: Completed

The study will include a focus on pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer and has two aims. The first is to create a model that can produce circulating blood proteins similar to CA19-9, which is the main tumour marker used in the clinical management of patients with pancreatic cancer. The second is to use this model to look for novel diagnostic biomarkers. The overall goal is develop these biomarkers as a test for pancreatic cancer detection and treatment monitoring. The research will be conducted in collaboration with Professor Martyn Caplin, who was Nicki's consultant. He holds the position of consultant in gastroenterology and hepatobiliary medicine and lead neuroendocrine clinician at the Royal Free hospital in London.