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Identifying sub-types of pancreatic cancer and tailoring effective treatments

Recipient: Pawan Poudel (Future Leader)

Supervisor: Dr Anguraj Sadanandam

Host Institution: Institute of Cancer Research

Title: Using PET scans to determine treatment response to preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Type of award: 2015 Future Leaders Fund

Funding: £100,000

Pawan Poudel will be working under the supervision of Dr Anguraj Sadanandam to try and develop new tests that predict which patients will respond best to certain treatments.

They have identified three sub-types of pancreatic cancer tumour which all show differing prognoses and responses to treatment. These have so far been categorised based on specific genetic signatures. The researchers plan to further categorise these different complex tumour types on a molecular level, in order to accurately choose and tailor treatments that will be the most effective.

The results of this study could be used to develop a clinical tool to predict a patient’s response to different treatments. This could be game-changing for patients in improving disease management and survival rates.